Plank Exercise

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Increased Strength = Increased Capacity to Climb Your Mountains! Strength, balance and agility to prevent or recover from injury and feel great on big climbs.

Level 1

These are a great place to start, or go back to if your day has been crazy hectic, you hurt or you're not sleeping well and just need a little something to get a gentle workout and adaptation.

Level 2

More Advanced.  It should feel "heavy-ish" and you should rest a solid 2 minutes between sets. Use what you have for weights - like a heavy backpack.  Strongly consider using a gym or getting a few kettlebells if you don't have a home gym. It's the fastest way towards adaptation.

Balance & Agility

Often overlooked, this is a skill you should practice while fresh.  Take good rests between to recharge your nervous system. This work ahead of time might prevent falls, ankle sprains and more.