Below we have links to our exercise videos to help you create your own exercise program. Your program will be different depending on what you are currently capable of and your exercise experience. There are roughly three categories:

1. LEVEL 1 - beginner
2. LEVEL 2 - some experience (2-4 weeks)
3. LEVEL 3 - lots of experience > 6 weeks

Below we will tell you what you can include in your program.

Mountain Trail


Women Walking


You’ve just started exercising so it’s a good idea to start easy and slow. Your program might only be 5-10 minutes in length. You will choose 3-4 exercises from the following categories:

- Choose two intro knee and hip exercises
- Choose one balance exercise
- Choose any bonus exercise

With all the programs you should start and end with a 5-10 minute walk. If you can only walk less than that then do what you can.

How much? - do anywhere between 5 and 15 repetitions of each exercise - that equals a SET. If you can do more than you need a harder exercise. Do this routine anywhere between 2 and 5 times per week

Keep this up for 2-4 weeks. As you get better you can go onto the Getting Better routine or slowly add more exercises

Girl Hiking in Mountains
Girl Hiking in Mountains


You’ve now done 2-4 weeks of introductory exercise. Let’s start adding a little more. The simplest way is to take 3-4 exercises you like and just do them twice. Or you can make up a 5-7 exercise routine. Choose exercises that are “hard” meaning you would have trouble doing more than 12 reps. When you do them don’t do the maximal amount but get close. Choose the following:

  • 2 knee and hip exercises and do them twice

  • consider choosing a single leg exercise like a lunge, 1 leg wall squat or stair step-downs or step-ups.

  • 1 balance exercises

  • 1 hip exercise

  • one bonus exercise if you like

  • add 5-10 minutes of walking before and after

Hiking Trail


This stage is all about maintaining and progressing. You can do 4-6 exercises in a session but now think about pushing a little harder or doing more sets (i.e you do the same exercise 2-3 times)


Remember, add 5-15 minutes of brisk walking before and after the strength program

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