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It's not all about the gear.  Learn about pain with hiking or getting fit for hiking, especially with old injuries or the dreaded "osteoarthritis" or OA.  Learn why mindset and strength benefits you for hiking. 

Part 01

Why does it hurt?  Why is strength beneficial for hiking?

A deep dive into the common misconception that you might have about pain and strength. While joint changes and previous injuries are part of the pain problem, they don’t tell the full story.

Part 02

Are my joints "wearing and tearing" from activity?  Do I have the knee of a 70 year old like my doctor said?

Another common misconception is that your joints are “wearing and tearing” when you stress them like hiking on mountains. Fortunately, this isn’t true. Physical activity and stress on the joint helps a lot of people with the pain and it doesn’t lead to more joint changes!

Part 03

Why does it hurt - pain is more about sensitivity than damage

Joint changes, previous surgeries and injuries are just part of the pain puzzle. Pain is complex and influenced by a number of factors. Let’s talk about the things that influence pain and what you can do about it!


Reframing Pain.

90 second video on the nature of pain and the human experience.  And a better way to reframe it.