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Crave the Planet is a blog dedicated to travelers and expats in Europe who love to hike or do yoga but with a healthy dose of food and wine. It’s for the travellers who strive to integrate the great outdoors into their travel plans. This website brings you the best hiking trails in Europe, personally curated by me, Morgan Fielder. Whether you’re a day hiker, hiking with family or long-distance hut to hut hiker, you can use my in-depth travel and fitness guides and itineraries to plan your next adventure and be in a better physical position to enjoy every step of the Way. Learn more about me.

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This particular page will help you quickly get started planning your perfect trip to Europe with some off the beaten path adventures.

I hope that through this blog, and ultimately your trip, you will love Outdoor Europe as much as I do.

There are countless reasons to visit Europe, and a surprising amount of outdoor and mindful activities that you can experience whether as a side trip to famous cities or the entire reason for your trip.


You’ll love the delicious food served at 9,000 feet in mountain huts, seaside yoga retreats and family friendly hiking. We can’t wait to hear back about what a wonderful time you had in Europe!

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Getting Ready For Your Time in Europe's Outdoors
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Hiking Plans for Europe

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