Free Planning Tool for Hiking the Fishermen's Trail on Rota Vicentina, Portugal 

Enjoy one of the best coastal hikes in the world! 


→Here's our Step by Step Guide for you to enjoy the best of the Fishermen's Trail in Portugal on the last wild coast in Europe.


Take away the stress of planning this 4 day trek/hike/stroll and even synch it with your google calendar to walk the best of WILD PORTUGAL! Especially fun in November.

My Fishermen's Trail Online Planner Tool is mobile-friendly for guidance directly on the Trail.

I would recommend doing planning ahead on desktop.  The Free tool Airtable will allow you to synch it to your google or ical calendar and plan your own adventure.

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Detailed Calendar 4 Days Fishermen's Trail

Free Online Planner & Itinerary Fishermen's Trail on Rota Vicentina Portugal

Swipe Right and Click "expand record" on Mobile, or "view Larger Version"

Get "Fishermen's Trail Airtable" app & switch out with your dates.