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Hikes in Germany

Wonderful Wandern

tl;dr: Skip to the Best of the Off the Beaten Path Hikes in Germany with GPS and Food Recommendations

Hikes in Germany

Hikes in Germany offer the full range of outdoor experiences from peaceful strolls on lazy moors to crazy Klettersteig (metal rungs attached to granite peaks) upon 10,000 ft rocky peaks. 

Do you know where the word wander comes from?


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Hikes in Germany Offer: Freedom, Access & Delicious Food & Wine.



​After an hour walking straight up in the Allgäuer Alps, you'll find impossibly cute micro villages perched on a cow-munched down meadows at high altitude fitted with only 12 geranium adorned houses and a fully operational restaurant serving hot and delicious food.


With a full bar and beer on tap of course. Because, hey, it's Germany!

Here's my full packing list so you bring only the gear you need and don't end up taking too much to weigh you down.

In the rolling in the Pfälzerwald or Eifel or Schwarzwald, you'll wander along wooded hills and flat moors without seeing anyone for an hour, and yet there'll be wooden benches with backrests situated every mile or so, just in case someone needs a rest.

Get off the beaten path.

Hikes in Germany

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