8 Ways to Stay Healthy on Airplanes in the Time of Rona.

While we want to avoid the Rona, we still have wanderlust. What to do?

Bright eyed Sage sat next to a ginger German lady wearing her n95 mask, gold striped track pants, and pale yellow down vest. The German lady had carrot red hair cut short and sassy - the preferred style of German ladies in their 60s, but her eye crinkles indicated maybe she was edging toward 70.

The plane smoothly made its way to the breezy warm Mediterranean island of Sardinia, and like most European ladies she felt cold enough to wear a down vest in July.

It was the first July of covid-19, or “Corona”. Nobody here calls it covid, it’s corona. Only the toddlers take off their masks on the 2 hour plane ride over the majestic Alps.

Over the Italian Alps the landscape dips immediately down into the bread bowl of northern Italy 🇮🇹 and makes for a sincerely breathtaking dramatic rise. The square airplane window is never big enough for Sage’s tastes to view the planet from above.

5 minutes later our Ginger Dame awakens, just when you can see the white dashes of boat’s wake when making way into the endless crescent shaped coves that form the Italian Riviera.

Blue and tan as far as the eye can see out the tiny square window. Endless tan crescents and deep blue sea.

Mountains and sea collide, and are divided by tan crescents.

Seeing the land and sea collide make her feel free. The Ginger Dame and Sage alike.


The benefits of travel vs. the risk of illness, climate change, cost, and anxiety of the novel. Where is the sweet spot? How do we protect our Ginger elders who also want to travel? And how do we protect ourselves and avoid being a vector spreading illness?

Socially responsible air travel 🧳 — is there even such a thing? Not sure, but here’s a start to the conversation.

Top Down

Some things just have to be rules. Like traffic laws, seatbelts, and workplace safety rules - without the government enforcing it- people and businesses will skip these steps due to culture, misinformation, or financial reasons.

Some thoughts:

1. Make the entrance to the plane single file (it already mostly is) with a cute (and touchless) alcohol sanitizer device stationed on a pole at the entrance. This is the price of admission to the flying germ tube. Wash your f$&%#ing hands.

We recommend to dress up the pole the sanitiser sits on like a scarecrow complete with pilots outfit, wings, and hat. Give the little travellers wings as they board after they hand sanitize as a reward.

2. Mandatory masks — honestly this should have been the rule even before Corona. Forget the shady supplements and pricey vitamins, stop the sneezes from propelling across the entire cabin with a cheapo face mask.

3. The flying metal tube of germs 🦠 should be UV treated between passengers. If cornhole clubs can figure out how to UV sanitize their cornhole bags for amateur play, the airlines can do up the seats, seatbelts, and trayback tables before take off and after landing.

4. TSA agents should stop touching everything and eliminate dumb ineffective rules like sandwich sized clear bag vs quart sized clear toiletry bags. This nonsense creates a lot of exhaling expletives and excessive handling for no improved safety benefit. We won’t even get into the taking your shoes off experiences. 

Bottom up

Individual actions for better and safer air travel. Some things are in your control and don’t require the herd to behave to get the job done.

1. Skip your trip if you’ve got the sniffles. I know, I know — Americans are tough and can do as they damn please. However, it comes down to personal responsibility for the greater good so we can all continue to enjoy the benefits of travel and seeing new places and having new experiences that broaden our perspective.

2. Sleep extra for three days ahead of your flight, your body and mind needs sleep for optimal immune function. Why 3 days? Do you sleep well the night before? Or do you experience flashes of fear that you show up to the gate without a passsport and never sleep well the night before your trip?

3. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. The altitude and closed cabin dehydrate you and also make your skin look puffy . Drink a boatload of water, not coke. So simple and so good.

4. Get the blood pumping a bit before and after travel to stimulate a healthy immune function. Exercise has been shown repeatedly in peer reviewed studies to improve well-being. But avoid strenuous strength sessions beforehand as long sits aren’t great for muscle repair.

Need help with good stretches to help ease the travel - bad bed - sucky pillow muscle pain? Check out our free article here for tips and tricks.

Hope this helps and let’s get the discussion going, post your favorite tips, tricks, or hacks to be healthy on the road, plane, or train below AND protect other vulnerable travellers during covid and beyond.


Stay tuned for our next post about Sardinian Beaches — white sand, fresh fish, amazing fregula pasta! 


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By Morgan Fielder from CornholeEuropa.com.

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is an evangelist for play and DOD civilian physical therapist living near Ramstein AFB raising two gorgeous girls, wife of a rebel, serial expat, and is actively involved in the German community through several organizations. Visit her community project at cornholeuropa.com to learn more.

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