German Camino de Santiago Blog: Landstuhl Secret Mushroom Loop

German Camino de Santiago Hiking
Hiking in Landstuhl

Trail Name: German Camino de Santiago: Steep Hill - Secret Military Mushroom Hill Loop


For some seriously steep hill training in the KMC, Kaiserslautern military area.

Location: Landstuhl, Germany

Distance: 3.75 mile loop — 500 ft elevation gain 375 down (convenient steep hill training close to kmc)

Duration: Approx. 1-1.5 hours

Difficulty: Easy Hike with one nice uphill

Start/end point:

Toom parking lot



Stroller-friendly: no

Dog-friendly: Yes

Fees: none

Poor trail markings.

German Camino de Santiago Hiking
German Camino de Santiago Hiking

On a mission to hike the Camino de Santiago in the Kmc section by section and create fun day loops.

Start Toom parking lot cross road to south pass strawberry patch and then Veer right around schutzenhaus

Turn left up single track once near a62 bridge - cross under it to single track on other side.

Then take the hill. Best alpine training in the kmc - steepness. Find a tractor tread and little steps all the way up for a great view.

Wander down wide cleared gas line and find the Camino on a single track to the left.

Pop out of forest into adorable Reha Zentrum school parking lot, keep to left staying on Camino around school.

German Camino de Santiago Hiking
Reha Zentrum Landstuhl

Cross the bridge over the autobahn and you’ll be headed to an American military base. I’ll bet hundreds of thousands of people have driven to the space and didn’t realize a Camino de Santiago Trail is literally 30 feet from the front gate.

German Camino de Santiago Hiking
German Camino de Santiago Hiking

Turn left just before gate and you go down a beautiful single track with large stones and creeks and mushrooms.

German Camino de Santiago Hiking
Fells on German Camino de Santiago

After the big rock formations turn right instead of going downhill (to the tennis club) to stay on Camino. It traverses this hill back to the center of Landstuhl.

Follow a sharp downhill single track to the left and you’ll pop out onto another gas line.

***the other steep hill in Landstuhl for training. We’re going to zigzag down it on a trail very obvious trail until we get to a point where the single truck pops off to the east and back to toom parking lot.

The southern edge is blocked by fencing you can’t really see on this path. You can def hear the A6 so earbuds are nice.

The only rugged part is the big hill up - if you are driving south on the A62 into Landstuhl you’ve seen it.

Have a blast and build those calves!


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