42 Gifts for Outdoorsy Women that Inspire Wonder - 2022

All the options to give the most perfect gift for the outdoorsy girlfriend, adventure mom, hiking lady or foraging Grandma in your life.

Gifts for outdoorsy women

She’s the kind of woman that wants to get to her destination in boots, not a Bently.

She’s a girl that wants to drink really good coffee on a mountain, not in the mall.

She’s the Nature loving Mom willing to pack a toddler on her back instead of park them in front of the TV.

The Outdoors Woman - we all love her, even when she constantly asks us to go on a hike with her.

gifts for outdoorsy women
Sometimes she even backpacks between Castle Hotels!

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Do you really want to give her something meaningful beyond a coffee cup or t-shirt with a mountain printed on it? Here’s some actual Outdoorsy Gifts she will love:

  • Adventure Travel Immersed in Wondrous Places

  • Self-paced online Foraging Classes to Learn Self Reliance

  • Equipment & Tools that Empower Outdoor Experiences

What Can Adventurous Gifts for Her Offer?


If you’ve got an outdoorsy woman in your life, you know that time in Nature – whether it’s hiking, foraging, paddle boarding, hunting or fishing is how she recharges and feels alive.

Sense of Wonder and Accomplishment

She wants experiences, not stuff. Her memories are made when she completes a hard hike, relaxes at the lake while camping or takes a trip to a UNESCO world heritage site.

What do you give a woman who has everything? Freedom in the Outdoors.

Clarity & Calmness

She wants to drop the to-do list and immerse into her senses that only Nature can provide.

The aim of this article is to talk you through all the features and considerations that go into choosing the best outdoor gifts for women.

I’ve only included the products that I love and that have a proven reputation of being a sound investment and make cool gifts for women.

The in-depth review of each product should make finding the best gifts for Outdoor Women much, much easier.

Table of Contents: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

1. Our Pick: Best Outdoor Gifts for Women

2. Quick & Dirty Guide: Outdoorsy Gifts for Her

3. 2022 Full Review: 42 Perfect Gifts for the Outdoors Woman

4. How to Decide on Adventurous Gifts for Her

5. Adventure Travel Outdoor Gift

Our Pick: Best Outdoor Gifts for Women

Experiences in Nature are my top choice of all the outdoorsy gifts we’ve reviewed below! Whether it’s a hut to hut hike in the Italian Dolomites, backpacking between Medieval castle hotels in Germany, or Adventure Travel Boxes with accommodations and 1000+ experiences to choose, it’s always memories that count.

best gift for outdoorsy women
Adventures with Friends - The Best Gift for Outdoorsy Women

What to Get a Person Who Loves the Outdoors?

First of all, great outdoor gifts are available online or in stores like REI, Black Diamond or even Amazon. You’ve got many options, but gifts for the outdoorsy type are less about form, and more about function.


42 Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Choosing the best gifts for the outdoorsy girl in your life can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not exactly the “Outdoors” type.

Read these detailed outdoor gift reviews to help you find the best way to find gifts for outdoorsy women or even the gifts for outdoorsy girlfriend.

1. Outdoor Experiences, Not Stuff

Make memories that last. Don't add to her clutter.

Custom Campervan Rental

Gifts for outdoorsy women

A perfect birthday gift for an outdoor woman. It’s like a car rental, except it’s a campervan, agile enough to get into the backcountry. Treat her to a trip anywhere in US or Canada in a custom build camper van. 4.8/5 Rating with over 90,000 travelers. Some are handpainted, sleep up to 5 and they come with all you need for kitchens. Save $ and fuel compared to an RV and get to off the beaten path destinations.

Prices depend on season and pickup and dropoff locations. They don't have to be the same.

Check Current Prices


Castle Hotel Hiking in Germany

🏔Looking for an amazing Castle Hotel to the next Castle Hotel Hike of a Lifetime to give your Outdoor Lady? Burg Rheinfels Castle Hike in Germany will stimulate the senses with food, wine and backpacking between castle hotels.

Here is a full guide of the German castles on the Rhine and their history. Contact us if you would prefer we do the booking and provide gps of hike.

Double Room + 4 course dinner & breakfast start at 300.

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2. Gifts for Travelers Women

Give the gift of perspective.

Dolomites Self Guided Adventure Itinerary

The incredible thing about Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Italian Dolomites is the chance to walk easily at high elevations with minimal effort and no special training.

Explore the varied landscapes of one of the most incredible mountain ranges in the world. You expert guide will lead you on a journey of discovery as you discover this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site with this 6 day itinerary and accommodations.


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gifts for outdoorsy women

8 Day Trekking and Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Gifts for outdoors woman don’t have to be all work, this coastal retreat in Morocco combines yoga, adventure and culture with a unique “vision walk” with 7 nights accommodation in English and German.


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Tinggly : Adventure & Travel Boxes & Gift Cards for Women

Let her choose her own adventure with useful and inspiring travel cards, 1000+ experiences and accommodations for travel and adventure. Each box will be offset by 200% of carbon removal and be packaged in 100% recycled paper.

Prices vary.

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3. Luxury Gifts for Women Who Love to Document the Outdoors

Her memories are made when she captures that perfect moment cliff jumping or hiking the mountains.

GoPro Hero 9 Starter Kit - Waterproof Action Camera

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Forget gimbals, they are too bulky and easy to break. The GoPro is multifunctional, durable and easy to share on SM.

GoPro Hero 9 Starter Kit - Comes with accessories for shooting action underwater, mounts and extra batteries. You'll also need a micro SD card, I have a 128 but wished I had bought more storage.

The 360 sounds really cool, but you've really got to be camera savvy for this to be worth it. Mine is totally unused.

Off-market mounts and accessories are usually much cheaper than GoPros and just as good.

I would recommend a 18-24 inch selfie stick for everyone. A bite mount for women mostly recording hiking or on foot activities. A chest mount for mountain biking and a helmet mount for skiing downhill or xc. The mounts for handlebars are usually pretty ineffective and the camera bounces around vs on your body which will dampen the movement.

If doing some water based activities, get a floating handle in case you drop it. Also you can wear some kind of velcro leg strap to place it on your leg when you actually want to use your arms for swimming.

$430 + accessories

Shop at:

Amazon USA | Amazon EU


DJI Mini 2 Drone - Simple Enough even for Moms who Hate Videogames.

Gifts for outdoorsy women

This DJI mini-drone is ultra lightweight (less than 250 grams) for backpacking and with "quick shots" makes your Outdoors woman look like a professional videographer.

I'll admit, it took me a bit to get used to flying a drone as I always want to be away from other people when getting epic shots. But as a non-gamer, ask my kids to figure out how to turn on netflix kind of mom- even I can do it.

The 4K camera is on a gimble for super smooth video and photos. It has 31 min flight time, can launch at 12,000 ft of elevation and comes with extra propellor blades that are super easy to install.

It also comes with backend software to put your videos to music and Tiktok-esque compilations that even middle aged women can manage.

The combo comes with a carrying case (essential), extra batteries and blades..


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4. Outdoorsy Gifts for Women Who Hike

Best Gifts for Outdoors Woman

Therm-a-Rest Self Inflating Trail Pro Mattress

Gifts for outdoorsy women

3 inches of foam for 4 season comfort for your outdoors woman camping, campervan, RV or backpacking. R value of 4.0, so she’ll stay warm and it self inflates and packs small. Made by Therm-a-rest, a trusted brand. 29 oz.

Measures 77x25x3 inches inflated, packs to 13x9.3 inches, and weighs 39 ounces; stuff sack included; made in the USA


Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove Kit

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Perfect for overnight backpacking and minimalist camping. Ultralight, at only 1 lb 9.8oz and containing everything you need to cook and serve food for 2 people, this is the best selling backpackers stove kit.


Shop at:

REI | Eastern Mtn Sports | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Sea to Summit X-Pot - 2.8 Liter Backpacking Pot

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Best gift for the Outdoors woman who loves to cook. It’s got a lightweight aluminum base with collapsible silicone walls to make gourmet meals even in the woods.


Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Gifts for outdoorsy women

The "Mother of All Boots", top rated waterproof hiking boots. Great traction, arch support and heel cushion.

Great for women who want a little more support on their hikes.

Sale: $88.75

Shop at: REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Darn Tough Treeline Hiker Socks - Lifetime Warranty

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Super cute forest design and covered by lifetime warranty by company.

This outdoor company is truly sustainable and not just lip service.

Socks made with majority Merino wool to keep feet dry and cool for reduced blisters and more comfort.


Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Lightweight Salomon Vaya Low GTX Hiking Shoes

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Makes great gifts for runners women. At 1 lb 3.8 oz this lightweight hiking shoe gives more freedom for feet to expand naturally. Great traction and gore-tex waterproof membrane.

Best for long distance hikers that need to minimize weight on long hikes.

On Sale - $84.00

Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Life Straw Personal Water Filter

2.3 oz personal water filter you can attach to any bottle for hiking, camping, backpacking, foreign travel and emergency preparedness. Removes bacteria, parasites and microplastics.

0.2 micron membrane lasts for 1000 gallons of filtration. Basically unlimited shelf life for your backpack.


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REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Osprey Kyte 36 Pack - Women’s

Gifts for outdoorsy women
Bigger is NOT better.

I've tried a lot of packs, from my military days with packs only built for men to larger packs for hut to hut hikes in the Dolomites.

This one is just the right size to carry a week's worth of summer hiking and backpacking gear and is unrivalled for fitting WOMEN's shoulders and hips with good lower back support and ventilation.

This durable lightweight workhorse at 3lb 4 oz. has thoughtful touches like the built in raincover, sleeping bags straps, easy access panels, and easy to open zippers.

This is NOT for prolonged wilderness long distance hikes like the AT or PCT. I'd recommend an "ultralight".

But for most 3-7 day hikes, weekends, or European long distance hikes supported by huts and villages, it's perfect and a great price.


Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU | Eastern Mtn Sports


5. Camping Gifts for Women

Roofnest Roof Top Tent

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Get anywhere in the great outdoors with a hardshell rooftop tent.

It installs easily, is waterproof, has free shipping and fits on top of any vehicle.

Prices Vary.

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GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Easily folds for travel and camping.

Kick back and relax with padded armrest, shocks and easy rocking motion.

Weighs 12lbs and supports women up to 250 lbs.


Shop at:

REI | Amazon USA | Amazon EU


Hennessy Hammock Expedition & All Purpose Super Shelter

Gifts for outdoorsy women

Perfect for camping, backpacking, expeditions or emergency preparedness

It is a tent, a hammock, a chair, and a lounger all in one! Very lig