Need Some Help Getting Fit for Your Favorite Trail?

Want to heal naturally from pain problems and skip the pain meds and surgeries?

Try Beyond Exercises for Hikers.

Check out our programs and free resources with hiking-specific fitness & proven recovery strategies tailored to the needs of hikers built by a hiker.  Dr. Morgan Fielder, DPT has 15+ years experience walking alongside patients on their journey of recovery and helping them get back to doing the things they love in the Great Outdoors.

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Click on the link to learn about the Beyond Exercises for Hikers Series and decide if it's right for you to heal naturally or get fit for hiking.


Learn About Pain

Watch short videos on things you might be wondering about hiking injuries and pain. Watch our 3 part series on Why it Hurts.

Ankle Measurement

Holistic Recovery from Pain & Injury

Watch these videos answering questions you might have about physical activity, weight loss and things you can do to help yourself get back on the trails.  Including unexpected strategies to help your pain. If you are already a believer in self-efficacy and want to skip the pain meds then skip this and go over to the Exercises to Overcome Mind-Body Resistance.

Tai Chi Practice

Exercises to Overcome Mind-Body Resistance

Click the link  to our exercise video catalog and sample exercise programs. Find out how to get started with exercise, mindfulness and physical activity to heal naturally or safely get fit for hiking.